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Biofiba® a revolutionary new and nonhazardous biocomposite based upon rapidly renewable organic non-food crops.

A disruptive technology specifically developed to solve the many environmental, quarantine, waste disposal and biosecurity compliance issues surrounding the use of wood and plastics used for pallets and packaging materials to export products globally.

Produced using a unique patented Biofiba extrusion process that renders the product inert reducing embodied energy to deliver a superior environmentally sustainable product to reduce the dependence on oil based plastics and depleting global forest timber.

Patented Extrusion Process Demo

The world's forests are disappearing with more than 30 million acres of forests and woodlands lost every year due to deforestation. Forests promote biodiversity and are home to over half the species on the planet.

Their canopies shelter wildlife while protecting the soil from the sun's rays, torrential rains and erosion. Planting trees to replace those lost through agriculture, timber mills and burning does not replace the biodiversity of forests.

A forest is a living family comprised of animate and inanimate members that function together in biologic diversity.

Plastic products are destroying our oil reserves. Fossil fuels, as the name suggests, are very old and humans have used fossil fuels since ancient times, as far back as the Iron Age.

It was the Industrial Revolution that led to wide-scale oil extraction and the production of plastic products and in a very short period of time since then we've consumed an incredible amount of oil, leaving fossil fuels all but gone with the climate and the environment seriously impacted. Fossil fuels are an incredibly dense form of energy, and they took millions of years to become so.

And when they're gone, they're gone pretty much forever.
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Patented Extrusion Process
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Future Manufacturing

CSIRO`S Future Manufacturing Flagship assisted Biofiba Limited to develop a cost-effective bio-composite timber substitute. 

The technology offers a sustainable, Earth-friendly alternative for pallet manufacture, freeing timber resources for high value-added uses.