A team with Global reach.

“Technology does not run an enterprise, people do”

Company Directors, Management and Biofiba Distributors have extensive experience in the global pallet industry providing a cost effective, attractive and compelling alternative to the current materials used in this market.

Biofiba® is manufactured at an Australian owned and managed state of the art manufacturing facility located in Zhoushan, China.

To service customer needs Biofiba has an established a distribution network servicing the regions of Australasia, China/ Greater Asia, Canada and The America’s, Europe and the United Kingdom.

The initial application of the Biofiba® product is in the export pallet industry. A simple product that first entered the world market in the 1920’s with a design that has hardly changed since inception. Biofiba is not about reinventing the wheel but simply replacing current non-renewable raw material inputs with environmentally, cost effective and sustainable alternatives.

Customers in the pallet packaging market are being forced by government and environmental regulations to implement the use of green environmentally friendly packaging materials. As a result, they are driving the need and have been instrumental in the development of the Biofiba® product.

When determining the shipping pallet to be used manufacturers, suppliers and customers across the supply chain must consider all the implications and understand the “USE COST” of the pallet, considering the hidden costs associated with the import, quarantine and environmental regulations and the risk of returned, delayed, damaged, or destroyed shipments.