Biofiba® is a patented biodegradable simulated timber – used as a replacement for plastics, polystyrene, cardboard and as an alternative to timber.

The biodegradable simulated timber has a multitude of uses within the export packaging industry.

Biofiba® is made from natural organic matter sourced from commercially grown, renewable non-food crops and a compostable biopolymer resin which has been specifically designed to biodegrade into a harmless environmental compost at the end of its life span.

The principal raw material component in the Biofiba® formulation is Industrial Hemp which is a non-toxic bast fibre – one of the oldest high strength natural fibres known to man.

Biofiba® simulated planks are produced using a unique and patented extrusion process. Using high pressure and heat during the manufacturing process renders the material inputs as inert and toxic free allowing exemption from ISPM 15 international biosecurity regulations.

Biofiba® extruded planks are fabricated into Biopallets® using normal pallet assembly methods and machinery.

Pallets made from Biofiba® biodegradable simulated timber