Biopallets® are a simple one way, one use, disposable packaging item, designed and manufactured by existing third party pallet manufacturers to meet any:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Load rating
  • Application

Biofiba® planks are used to make Biopallets® by existing pallet manufacturers

The problem with current packaging materials;

  • International biosecurity regulations present impediments to the global movement and reuse of pallets.
  • Government regulations impose high disposal costs.
  • Non-sustainable manufacturing processes and raw material sources.
  • Physical characteristics favourable only to specific applications and industries.
  • Poor flexural strength limits life cycle and re-usability.

By simply replacing current raw materials with an environmentally friendly, cost effective, durable and sustainable alternative, Biofiba® removes these impediments.

Commercial credentials;

  • Eliminates international biosecurity risks and compliance costs.
  • Significantly reduces disposal costs.
  • Lowers harmful emissions in manufacture.
  • Physical attributes enable use across multiple industries and applications.
  • Design flexibility ensures Biopallets® can meet any specification.
  • Strength and durability extends life cycle and promotes re-use.

A Hemp technology upgrade for the humble pallet.

Biofiba® Biopallets® - sustainable packaging for the future