The Solution to a global problem.

Plastic Pallets litter the globe.

Global landfills are being consumed by all forms of plastic waste and the world’s oceans have become the dumping ground for plastic.

  • Plastic is highly flammable emitting toxic carbon dioxide.
  • Non-renewable oil based resources are used to make plastic and polystyrene pallets.
  • Energy intensive manufacturing process.

Wooden Pallets, an Eco-Menace?

Wall Street Times reporter Peter Anderson wrote in a front-page article entitled As Old Pallets Pile Up, Critics Hammer Them – As a New Eco-Menace.

In the piece, Peter Anderson wrote, “Wooden pallets, used to ship consumer goods, are multiplying and burying parking lots, snarling traffic and filling landfill.”

  • The world natural forests are being destroyed.
  • The disposal of export timber pallets is becoming a global issue.

Timber pallets that have been heat treated and / or treated with methyl bromide can’t be recycled they must be disposed of into approved toxic waste disposal facilities.

Government bodies globally are mandating a ‘no pallet policy’ at their waste disposal sites and are now charging environmental, disposal fees.

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The environmental impact plastic is having on our oceans